Saving Adolescent Girls Everywhere. 

SAGE, a non-profit organization, focused on mentoring adolescent girls who are in underserved communities by providing resources and programs that give social awareness on issues such as teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, human trafficking, and body image, as well as having educational involvement and preparing them for professional/career development.

Every young girl deserves the opportunity to become the most confident, healthy and stable versions of themselves. SAGE is here to lend a hand to the young women who need one when they don't know who else to turn to. SAGE was founded on the principals of Social Awareness, Educational Involvement, and Career/Professional Development to uplift the girls in need within our local communities. 

Through our various programs that promote health and wellness, shipping boxed care packages or new mom assistance, SAGE is committed to providing to those in need. 

This two-year program is currently being offered to high school freshmen and sophomores at select schools in the DMV area. We are currently accepting volunteer applications to assist with our outreach programs and effectively serving our community. 

Our Team
Tatiana Cooper, President and Founder

Tatiana Cooper, a Chicago native, founded Saving Adolescent Girls Everywhere Incorporated in 2018. After attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Cooper received her degree in Civil Engineering and worked in her career for 5 years.  During her terms at both the government and private sector she realized that she was not content with her workload within her career, but rather be an advocate for adolescents wishing to pursue STEM.  Through her advocacy and strenuous life experiences she realized that she had developed a passion for helping the youth with a variety of issues that were hindering the adolescent population from becoming successful.  She had a desire to make a change and provide social awareness, educational, and professional development to adolescent girls in underserved communities. In December of 2017 Tatiana quit her job as an engineer and took a leap of faith to pursue her profession in the nonprofit industry.  She felt that she no longer wanted to wait to make a difference because she wanted young girls to stop falling between the cracks and wanted to start helping these young girls now, which led to the development of Saving Adolescent Girls Everywhere, Incorporated. Cooper is currently working for Patterson High School as an engineering teacher, head volleyball coach and will be implementing the SAGE mentoring program at Patterson High School this fall as her first school to receive the program.

LaQuanshé Bond, Vice President

LaQuanshé Bond, a North Carolina native, currently spends her professional career in sales and marketing, while furthering her education in Project Management at Keller Graduate School of Management. LaQuanshé has earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Sports Science and Management from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University shortly after becoming a new mother to her first born son, Knowledge.

Tyler Jones, Secretary

Tyler Jones, a Chicago native, is currently an Ambassador of a financial firm. Prior to starting her career Tyler earned her Bachelors of Science and Surgical Technology at Robert Morris University. Having found success in volleyball as a high school, she was able to receive a full scholarships to school. As a student athlete she began volunteering by coaching young athletes to hone their skills. 

Having experience in working with the youth as a camp counselor and intern at multiple camps and programs even before motherhood, she has developed a strong passion in helping the youth. LaQuanshé comes from a family of educators, who have taught her the true meaning of hard work and dedication. She shares her background of the strong support system involved in her success today and wants to continue to pass forward the help to the youth in today’s generation. LaQuanshé thrives to grow S.A.G.E. with extensive research and strategies to create a better future for our youth in many ways.

Spending time with adolescents she found that a great passion of hers is to guide younger generations by not only coaching them but mentoring them in many facets of life. Additionally to coaching, Tyler's initiative to give back to the community derived from her experiences in advocating for the youth in Chicago. As a high school student she had the opportunity to become a panelist for Wade's World Foundation to uplift and advocate for education and information channels for underserved communities' youth.


Today Tyler focuses on different ways to support the youth through SAGE's programs for young women. She believes that the only way to empower the youth is to educate them and promote experiences to influence a holistic and well rounded lifestyle.

Melanie Hernandez, Domestic Violence Advocate

Mel Talks very own Melanie Hernandez brings her life changing experience on domestic violence to the DMV/ Baltimore area. This well renowned survivor brings forth her heartfelt story to help inspire women all over the country.   Melanie is the voice and knowledge to all women affected by the issue. For those who have not been affected she hopes to provide awareness that will prevent these encounters.


Melanie believes “Healing doesn’t just come from having the knowledge, but most importantly stems from having self awareness.” Melanie’s portion of the program provides, statistics for teenage girls, personal experience and reflection, and a domestic violence open discussion.  The discussion will consist of for focal points which cover Signs, Self Awareness, Scenarios, and Safety.

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